I’m of the opinion that marketing is a practice that uses both sides of your brain.

My right brain is what allows me to be more creative. It's what lets me use my imagination, to visualize concepts that could be new and exciting, and gives me the chance to daydream about ideas that I’d love to see come to fruition.

Then the left brain steps in. It works to figure out how these ideas could logically come to be. It takes into account facts, figures, and whether there is a capacity to do what I allow myself to imagine.

On this page, check out how I’ve gone about using both sides of my brain on various marketing projects. 

Universal Music Canada

During my time as Commercial Affairs Intern at Universal Music Canada, I did plenty of work that helped me improve my marketing abilities. I made hundreds of submissions for Bravado artists' merchandise, I sourced artwork and assets for their business partners, and I even researched and recommended potential marketing opportunities for my supervisors.

I also created and curated a monthly newsletter using Adobe InDesign for Bravado Stakeholders. This included news, events, new releases, and Bravado artist merchandise that made it to retail that month.

George Brown College Case Studies

Gatorade Z

With my team, I helped conceptualize Gatorade Z, a hypothetical drink that that restores and replenishes the body while providing a good night’s sleep. With ingredients like melatonin and magnesium, consumers would get a good night’s rest and an even better night of recovery for your tired muscles.

For this project, we did a complete brand review on Gatorade from their market/category/performance to their vision/mission/values. We also analyzed their positioning and learned more about their potential consumers. Soon, I personally came up with the three IMC concepts: (1) a collaboration with the Canadian Olympic Committee, where the launch of Gatorade Z would come with a contest that would allow the participants to experience an olympiad’s worth of activities; (2) an opportunity for individuals to get a superb sleeping suite inside a CFL Stadium with all stops pulled and a fully stocked fridge of Gatorade Z; and (3) a Gatorade Z x Nike branded loungewear line that fans of both products could purchase and enjoy with their beverages. As a team, we fleshed out and combined the Olympic option as well as the loungewear option and came up with everything PR strategy-related, such as a blocking chart, the budget and a critical path.

For the most part, my work was concentrated on creating the Free Rein and Gatorade Z logo, the ask section, the market/category/performance slide, conceptualizing the IMC ideas, the critical path, and the next steps.

Please look through our presentation to see what we came up with!

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: A TIFF 50th Anniversary Celebration

This project's brief was to come up with a potential IMC for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). What we came back with was a masterclass of pure imagination.

We presented the possibility of TIFF celebrating the 50th anniversary of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, the iconic and surreal 1971 film starring Gene Wilder. This gala-style event would have taken place at the TIFF in partnership with Cadbury.

From start to finish, guests would be immersed in the world of Willy Wonka and feel as if they were walking through his factory. The entire venue would be decorated in a Willy Wonka Theme, with candy and food in the style of the film. These include chocolate bars styled after the original “Wonka Bar”, and various other candies provided by Cadbury. Guests would also receive a “Golden Ticket” as an invitation inviting them to the event, much like the ones in the film. Our team also designed billboards, social media marketing concepts, and PR packages that would have been sent out to celebrities in a style similar to the Ivy Park clothing line. We even drew inspiration from the film where a month prior we would hide golden tickets throughout Toronto for fans to discover so that they could attend the soirée too.

Here's your chance to be a kid in a candy store by looking through our concept below!

The Lush Report

In this assignment, students were asked to pick a company, find a management problem, do background research, create research questions to ask our classmates, and then present our findings.

I took a leadership position in this project, having recommended the brand and other work including writing one of our findings slides, coming up with our conclusions, assisting with the recommendations. I also selected the deck theme and ensured it was properly formatted.

#EatTogether: A Social Media Monitoring Report on President's Choice

For this task, students were asked to pick a branded hashtag from a Canadian company and conduct a thorough Social Media Monitoring Report. I selected President’s Choice and its #EatTogether campaign.

I established the brand’s goal or call-to-action for promoting this hashtag, summarized my key findings, conclusions and recommendations, dug through various social media platforms, performed analyses on the hashtag’s performances, and recommended ways to better the campaign.

Other Marketing Efforts

Our Food SENB Social Media Plan

Big Brothers Big Sisters Post Calendar